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Dusseldorf Airport (DUS)-Maastricht
I wish to confirm that we had a smooth transfer from Dusseldorf Airport to Maastricht. Unfortunately, the driver, Mr. Rene Huntjens advised us that he did not have a printer in his car to print a receipt / invoice that we need for our company. He told me to contact you via email and ask for it from you. Please issue an invoice for the transfer using our company details below and send it to me via return email: Asiana Ltd. Vat.Reg.No.: EL095636614 24, Korinthias Str., 11526 Athens, GREECE Thank you in advance.
Punctuality: 5   Driver: 5   Vehicle: 5

Dusseldorf Airport (DUS)-Maastricht
All were perfect
Punctuality: 5   Driver: 5   Vehicle: 5

Maastricht Airport (MST)-Maastricht
Would certainly use again and recommend to anyone visiting Maastricht
Punctuality: 5   Driver: 5   Vehicle: 5

Dusseldorf Airport (DUS)-Maastricht
Everything was perfect and I would happily recommend your service to anyone else. Thank You
Punctuality: 5   Driver: 5   Vehicle: 5

Maastricht-Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS)
Punctuality: 5   Driver: 5   Vehicle: 5

Maastricht-Brussels Zaventem Airport (BRU)
Punctuality: 5   Driver: 5   Vehicle: 5

Maastricht-Brussels Zaventem Airport (BRU)
Very good service.
Punctuality: 5   Driver: 5   Vehicle: 4

Maastricht-Brussels Zaventem Airport (BRU)
Great service. The driver was on time, curteous and drove safely. I was very relaxed with my taxi ride to the airport.
Punctuality: 5   Driver: 5   Vehicle: 5

Maastricht-Brussels Zaventem Airport (BRU)
Excellent, reliable service. My driver was friendly and arrived exactly on time. The vehicle was spotless. I would highly recommend this service to other travellers. Thank you!
Punctuality: 5   Driver: 5   Vehicle: 5

Maastricht-Maastricht Airport (MST)
Punctuality: 5   Driver: 5   Vehicle: 5

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Charleroi Airport to Maastricht

Private transfer from Charleroi Airport (CRL) to Maastricht

transfer from charleroi airport to maastricht by taxi limousine minivan minibus coach

Transfer by taxi, limousine, minivan, minibus & coach

You have just arrived at Charleroi Airport in Belgium, but your final destination is the Netherlands? You need to book a taxi and we can offer you the best services out there when it comes to private taxi transfer. One of our daily routes is the one from Charleroi airport to Maastricht, the Netherlands. Therefore, you can book us up and enjoy the ride.

Maastricht is a popular city that has a lot of different historical buildings, squares and structures. It is a place with divine cuisine, beautiful and long streets filled with local coffee and waffle places and a lot of interesting pubs and bars where you can spend some of the best nights in your life.

The square that is probably the number one place where you have to take a stroll when you are visiting Maastricht is known as het Vritjhof. This square was the main attraction and has been a favorite to individuals who were visiting Maastricht even back in the Medieval times. In the past, pilgrims were coming here just to take a glimpse on Saint Servatius' grave. Nowadays, het Vrijthof is probably the most famous place where you can find dozens of cafes and pubs. This lovely old Maastricht square is paved with tons of cobblestones. It is surrounded by a lot of high trees, so you can still feel the spirit of nature when you are sitting there drinking your daily latte. You can see the Saint Servatius Basilica nearby this old square.

If you are visiting Maastricht and you decide to take a little tour around the city, you must go out to a pub located on this square and try some of the best Dutch beers. If you have a sweet tooth, we can assure you that you will enjoy Limburgse Vlaai, the most famous fruity pie in the Netherlands.

Another place that should be included in your little tour around Maastricht is Thorn. This is one of the most beautiful Dutch places that are truly showing the culture of the country. If you are into historical sight-seeing and you prefer walking around cobbled streets and grand old squares, go to Thorn and you will be enjoying your time there to the fullest. There is one of the most famous churches in the Netherlands, Abbey Church which truly looks like a masterpiece. While you are in Thorn, visit the museum known as The Land Of Thorn. Another place to visit that is also one of our favorites is the Chapel that is located nearby Linden, just about 2 km outside of the center of the city.

Enjoy your stay and remember - you can always find us online whenever you need a taxi ride.