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Dusseldorf Airport (DUS)-Maastricht
I wish to confirm that we had a smooth transfer from Dusseldorf Airport to Maastricht. Unfortunately, the driver, Mr. Rene Huntjens advised us that he did not have a printer in his car to print a receipt / invoice that we need for our company. He told me to contact you via email and ask for it from you. Please issue an invoice for the transfer using our company details below and send it to me via return email: Asiana Ltd. Vat.Reg.No.: EL095636614 24, Korinthias Str., 11526 Athens, GREECE Thank you in advance.
Punctuality: 5   Driver: 5   Vehicle: 5

Dusseldorf Airport (DUS)-Maastricht
All were perfect
Punctuality: 5   Driver: 5   Vehicle: 5

Maastricht Airport (MST)-Maastricht
Would certainly use again and recommend to anyone visiting Maastricht
Punctuality: 5   Driver: 5   Vehicle: 5

Dusseldorf Airport (DUS)-Maastricht
Everything was perfect and I would happily recommend your service to anyone else. Thank You
Punctuality: 5   Driver: 5   Vehicle: 5

Maastricht-Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS)
Punctuality: 5   Driver: 5   Vehicle: 5

Maastricht-Brussels Zaventem Airport (BRU)
Punctuality: 5   Driver: 5   Vehicle: 5

Maastricht-Brussels Zaventem Airport (BRU)
Very good service.
Punctuality: 5   Driver: 5   Vehicle: 4

Maastricht-Brussels Zaventem Airport (BRU)
Great service. The driver was on time, curteous and drove safely. I was very relaxed with my taxi ride to the airport.
Punctuality: 5   Driver: 5   Vehicle: 5

Maastricht-Brussels Zaventem Airport (BRU)
Excellent, reliable service. My driver was friendly and arrived exactly on time. The vehicle was spotless. I would highly recommend this service to other travellers. Thank you!
Punctuality: 5   Driver: 5   Vehicle: 5

Maastricht-Maastricht Airport (MST)
Punctuality: 5   Driver: 5   Vehicle: 5

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Düsseldorf Airport to Maastricht

Private transfer from Düsseldorf Airport (DUS) to Maastricht

transfer from dusseldorf airport to maastricht by taxi limousine minivan minibus coach

Transfer by taxi, limousine, minivan, minibus & coach

After arriving at Dusseldorf Airport, you need a ride to Maastricht but you do not know any taxi company that might offer you a quick yet affordable taxi transfer? Well, worry no more. Our company offers private taxi transport from Dusseldorf Airport to Maastricht anytime our passengers need our services. This is one of the most common routes that our taxi drivers go to each day.

Maastricht is truly a city where so many cultures meet, so it is visited by many individuals who arrive at Dusseldorf Airport in Germany. The ride from Dusseldorf Airport to Maastricht is smooth and quick, so you should not worry about a single thing.

When you arrive at Maastricht, you can be more than certain that you will see some of the most beautiful architectural pieces located in Europe. There are a lot of fascinating religious places in Maastricht and two basilicas that are more than breathtakingly beautiful.

One of the most visited Basilicas in the Netherlands is St. Servatius, or in Dutch, Basiliek van St. Servaas. It is located on the most beautiful Maastricht square known as Vrijthof. This basilica is Romanesque. There are tons of treasures and scripts hidden in the beautiful St. Servaas Basilica. In the past, pilgrims were traveling to this town just to see Saint Servatius grave, so you can easily see that its popularity was immense even back through the centuries. The stone churches that are located in this city have been built just after Saint Servatius has arrived in the city in the 4th century AD. When Saint Servatius died, this city was one of the most popular places for young pilgrims. The legend says that Saint Servatius was actually the first bishop that has stayed in this city. A tiny chapel was specifically built after his death, just nearby the place where his body was buried. In the next few centuries after his death, that small chapel became the St. Servatius Basilica.

The basilica is also well known for its treasures. The remains of Saint Servatius are hidden in a tiny box that can be seen on display just when you enter the Treasury of the Basilica.

Maastricht's skyline has always been notable for the huge number of towers, monasteries and churches. Some of the most famous ones are the old Holy Cross Monastery, St.John's Church and the Basilica of Our Lady.

Maastricht is one of the most notable Dutch cities and it is definitely worthy to visit. If you need any of our taxi transportation services, book one of our cars or vans anytime you need to!